Product updates.

Here's what's new each month from Vilynx.
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UI improvements and bugfixes.

JS Recommendations 4.0.1

Misc bugfixes for web recommendations plugin.


Update to dashboard, including content list.

iOS Recommendations 1.1.0

Bugfixes for iOS content recommendations SDK.

Sparrow 5.3

Improvements in Speech2Text word error rate (WER) and filtering subtitles with high noise.


Updates to public Knowledge Graph visualization.

Android Recommendations 1.2.0

Update to Android content recommendations SDK.

Alias Population 2.0

Improvements to the self-learning of aliases for other concepts.


IAB Categories are now displayed in the Dashboard.

Gallery 5.14.2

Analytics methods made available for use.

Dagda 2.0

Improvements to Analytics.

New metadata API endpoint

Get contents by update provides a new, more convenient way to retrieve content metadata.

Skip/Like feedback

Skip and Like feedback now supported for personalization profiling. 


Improvements to automatic alias generation for people in the Knowledge Graph.


Now displays detailed descriptions of metadata tag relationship (i.e. “capital of”, “married to”). 

iOS + Android Dagda 1.1.1 SDK

Bug fix for analytics.

Audio processing

Support for raw audio file processing for speech to text and metadata extraction.

Personalized previews a/b testing

Gallery plugin and SDKs now supports built-in a/b testing between regular and personalized previews (personalized previews need to be activated for the account).

Search updates

Various improvements to contextual search algorithm.

Stories update

Stories view now displays content triples.

New Demo: Knowledge Graph Search

Search for relevant information and related topics about our Knowledge Graph concepts here.

Stats 2.0

View failed ingest elements and processing content traceability.

Facial recognition

Show unknown faces in the dashboard (if enabled in account).

Stories update

Improvements in dashboard stories module to reflect new stories worldwide.

Live previews

Official release of Live Previews: video previews for live streams that refresh automatically.

Topic segmentation

Improvements for topic segmentation in Spanish-language.

Speech to text

Improvements in Portuguese speech to text model.


New redesigned developer page.

Computer vision

All items now return visual coordinates.


Dashboard update to reflect video processing stats.

Personalized previews

Personalized video previews based on user profile.

Knowledge-Based Process Automation

New page describing advanced process automation services.

Object detection

Updates to object recognition model.

Dashboard update

- Support for document uploading for processing
- New dashboard architecture for faster performance

Stories update

Support for Italian and Greek trending stories.

Topic segmentation

Automatically determine segment start and end points for AI-assisted video editing.