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We understand the challenges media companies are facing as they compete against Netflix and the other digital giants. And we develop proven tools to meet them. That’s why we’re honored to work with the world’s top publishers as their trusted AI partner.

Content Metadata

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We catalogue your raw video and make it fully searchable for the first time. Our metaphor metadata engine generates best-in-class metadata for video, text and images. We process your video and give you the most relevant tags about the content, even indicating if a concept appears visually or is mentioned in the audio.

Video Previews

Entice viewers to watch more. Our rich, motion previews are 100% automated and optimized for maximum viewer engagement.


Keep viewers on your site longer and generate more ad revenue. We deliver the most powerful recommendations platform on the market. Combine your editorial rules with our AI algorithms for unparalleled personalization.


Keep your sites ultra-relevant. We are continuously scanning more than 50k websites and social networks to show you what’s trending and whether you’ve got it covered. Drill in by geography and topic for your specific beat.


Speed up production and improve quality. Leverage our deep content metadata to surface the most relevant results across all your videos, articles and images.

Our combination of computer vision, language processing and a dynamic knowledge graph has limitless applications.
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Vilynx is the only company to offer video previews, deep metadata tagging, content recommendations and search, all built on top of our powerful AI brain.


Recognition is detecting Michael Jordan’s face. Understanding is knowing it’s Michael Jordan, the former NBA basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls and went to The University of North Carolina. This is possible thanks to our concept knowledge graph containing billions of connections.


Our single API gives you relevant concepts, brand and object detection, person identification, IAB categorization, speech-to-text and more.