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Vilynx Can Now Insert Super-Short Video Ads Into Its Super-Short Video Previews

Startup Vilynx pitches itself as a way for publishers to attract more eyeballs for their videos through a unique preview format.

Vilynx: Riding the Rising Tide of Video and Linked Marketing

This is a pretty big step for eCommerce retailers, who will now have the ability to run consumer-driven video campaigns to optimize sales and increase their ROI.

This NYC Startup Can Solve Your Video ClickThrough Problem

Vilynx delivers a strong vertical solution for digital media and entertainment content that provides unique information to maximize audience engagement – and increase ad revenue.

Vilynx Brings in $1.9 Million, Vows to Change Video Consumption

The Vilynx team is going to put the funding towards expanding their customer base with publishers, universities, and ecommerce.

Who is San Francisco’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?

Vilynx addresses the 2 key issues with video, Discoverability of what’s inside a video and Navigability to key parts of videos.

Monthly Wrap - 5th Edition - February 2014

Winnie Root from Vilynx who are based in Barcelona and Silicon Valley also got in touch to tell us about their cool new product - Vilynx Producer.

Video wars: Instagram takes on Vine

Not content with being the behemoth of photo-sharing apps, Instagram is now taking on Vine in the fight for our clips, says Tim Arbabzadah.

A busy mom’s best friend in managing family videos

Winnie Root was invited to guest post at TechMamas.com to discuss Vilynx, a video management app for busy moms.

Share videos like never before with Vilynx's video social network

Juan Carlos Riveiro and Hendrik van der Meer, growing ever more frustrated that their family videos were scattered across various media and devices, created a platform to solve this issue.

Organize and share your personal videos with Vilynx

New startup ViLynx is setting out to change all of that by simplifying the way you manage your personal videos.

Video sharing startup Vilynx launches an app for Google TV to bring home movies into the living room

Today, Vilynx is making its video sharing platform available on Google TV.

Video sharing startup Vilynx launches Android, Kindle Fire and Web Apps for viewing videos on any device

Users are increasingly shooting video on mobile phones, point-and-click cameras, and other devices.

Manage your videos across devices

Nothing upsets a perfectly good holiday like an SD card crashing in your phone and you losing your videos...

App of the day: Vilynx review (Android, iPhone)

Vilynx looks to link up devices and your video content.

For when your iCloud tells you all those cat videos are just way too much

Vilynx automatically manages your personal videos so you don't have to. It is the easiest way to browse, share and curate your videos.

Upload & keep your videos safely organised [iOS & Android]

Vilynx is designed to keep videos organised across devices and to facilitate sharing with friends and family.

Mantén seguros tus videos y compártelos fácilmente

Lo ideal sería una aplicación que exportase automáticamente nuestros vídeos a diferentes servicios en la nube y, por lo tanto, hacer un backup de todos ellos automáticamente. ¿Existe? Sí, y se llama Vilynx.

Vilynx wants to make sharing personal videos easier across the web

Vilynx is a service that lets people manage their personal videos across multiple smartphones, tablets, desktops, and cloud storage services.

HIPERMED HIgh PERformance TeleMEDicine platform

Vilynx technology applied to Medical rehabilitation co-financed by MINETUR.

Vilynx la tecnología de Internet del Futuro

La tecnología Vilynx ha sido utilizada por AMETIC en calidad de Secretaría de la plataforma es.Internet para ofrecer las ponencias de la Jornada de presentación de la Internet del Futuro celebradas en Madrid el pasado 20 de Mayo en las instalaciones de la SETSI del MINETUR.

Inside the DEMO pit

Hendrik van der Meer caught my attention with a friendly hello to demo his app Vilynx

DEMO FALL 2012 creating more focused social networks

What's nice here is that it aggregates all the videos into an interface that shows summaries of the videos, making it easier to figure out which clip you want.

A Vilynx addiction

These people work day and night, literally. I've never met a group of people that are so passionate about what they do.

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Robert Scoble Interview

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DEMO 2012 Presentation

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