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Let your visitors quickly peek inside your video contents and maximize your click-through rates (CTR) with only one line of code.


Grab your viewers attention as the summary plays on a loop automatically.


Viewers interact by moving the mouse over the thumbnail to start the loop.


Mouse over to activate sound inside the thumbnail.


Maintain your current look and feel while providing a summary preview triggered by viewers.


Connect your audience to the videos they like.

Our video recommendation algorithms finds the trending topics, analyzes your videos and learns from your audience preferences.


Our metadata allows you to search based on what social networks are saying about your videos.

Let our ML algorithms find the right tags for your videos. Our tags are updated in real-time based on what people are saying.

Amplify reach and drive return traffic from social media channels.

AI-derived video previews and hashtags help reach your audience.


Our Trending Score is a cool combination of how hot the topics of a video are and how often a video is being shared on the internet.

We truly believe that Vilynx’s Trending Score will help Media and Creators to understand the perfect timing to share a video from their video stock. Read More

  • Click-throughs
  • Keep viewers engaged
  • Know your viewers
  • Discover how your viewers are consuming your videos and specifically what segments of your videos are getting the most click-throughs. This data will help you improve your content more effectively.

  • Measure how well your videos are doing in terms of engaging your viewers and total viewing time.

  • Where are your viewers? The location data tells you in a glance in which country, region or city your videos are being consumed.

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A technology made
for Live Events

Interested on live events? Vilynx can process videos in real time to enable rich media sharing right away.


Tracking video consumption

Vilynx provides real-time business intelligence to media companies, allowing a better understanding of user interaction and maximize revenue.

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