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This is Hong Kong Timelapse
Barcelona City Guide
Away We Go: Morocco
San Francisco City Guide - Lonely Planet


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For eCommerce: video conversion analytics

Tracking video views to revenue conversions.

Provides real-time business intelligence into eCommerce video consumption allowing brands to better understand a customer's path to purchase and optimize revenue.

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For Publishers: inline video ads

While viewers browse through online videos searching for content of interest, publishers have a new inline ad opportunity and revenue stream.

Optimized for mobile to monetize video browsing.

Fully optimized for mobile

The Vilynx mobile technology was developed to overcome the limited bandwidth plans and battery life of smart phones. Find to start the preview.

  • Video Gallery

    Replace your single thumbnail image with a summary grid that instantly brings out the interesting content in your video.

    Inline Ads

    Provides dramatic new revenue source for publishers.

    One Line of Code

    Integration with one line of code is all it takes to turn your video thumbnail into something special. Also, leverage your MRSS feed to automate updates.

    Powerful Analytics

    Improve your content. Our analytics tell you which video segments your audience enjoys the most, and more.

  • Tired of scrubbing through a video to find the right content?

    Easily navigate through what's inside a video with Vilynx Player

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