A product made for
Media and Creators.

Engage your audiences with video personalization.
Add rich metadata to enable search and social sharing.

Let your visitors quickly peek inside your video contents and maximize your click-through rates (CTR) with only one line of code.


Grab your viewers attention as the summary plays on a loop automatically.


Viewers interact by moving the mouse over the thumbnail o start the loop.


Mouse over to activate sound inside the thumbnail.


Maintain your current look and feel while providing a summary preview triggered by viewers.

Zero integration effort

Give us an MRSS feed or your site URL and we'll summarize your videos automatically.


Zero increase in page loading time

Video summary loads only when triggered by user. Minimum latency (optimized for different devices/resolutions).

Our team of data scientists has built a stack of AI-powered engines to enhance search, content discovery, and personalized recommendations.


Let Vilynx automatically understand your content.

The Vilynx Knowledge Graph enables the brain to tag your content whether it’s a video, an image or text and enhance it by analyzing what is currently happening in social media. The Brain then selects the best tags by their quality, being accurate to describe the content, and relevance to each user.


Our metadata allows you to search based on what social networks are saying about the content in your videos.

Let our Machine Learning algorithms find the right tags for your videos. Our tags are updated in real-time based on what people are talking about in social media.


Our awesome Vilynx API for developers will be available soon.

Check our developer page
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Use with any player
  • 1 line of code
  • Provides real-time business intelligence for publishers into each user's video consumption, which drives a better understanding of user interaction and helps maximize revenue.

  • No sweat, you don't need to change your video platform. We work with any video player including YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove and more.

  • Add our JS library and give us your site url or MRSS feed, and we'll do the rest.


Complete Artistic control with your personal Dashboard

Get easy access to your full video library and customize your previews. Easy, powerful and fun.


Video conversion and consumption analytics.

Leverage the powerful real-time user data to help find and create the videos that drive the most CTR and engagement.