What is Vilynx?

Vilynx makes it easy to manage your videos and increase the engagement of your viewers. With Vilynx you can:
• Automatically upload videos to your connected cloud storage accounts.
• Create an engaging summary for your videos to help your viewers (and you!) find out what's inside your video.
• Share your videos by email, Facebook, Twitter, or embed them in your blog or website.
• Track video views and engagement with detailed analytics that can even tell you which video clips your viewers are watching.

What browser and settings are required for Vilynx?

Vilynx runs in a web browser on your PC or Mac, and we currently support Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Note that, depending on your browser, Adobe Flash Player may be required.

Does Vilynx work on mobile devices?

Yes. You can download the Vilynx app for iOS from the App Store or for Android and Google TV from Google Play. Support for Vilynx Producer is not currently available in the mobile apps but is coming soon.

How long does it take to get a Vilynx summary?

Usually just a few minutes, though it can take a bit more time for longer videos. All processing takes place in the background, meaning you can do other things while we work on your summary. You’ll receive a notification when the summary is complete.

Can I make my own summaries?

Absolutely. With Vilynx you can generate summaries with as many as sixteen video clips. Summaries are generated automatically, though you can easily edit your summaries by adding or removing video clips with the Clips Editor. Titles can be added in the Clips Editor, and you can control where playback begins for your clips with the Section Timing editor.

Which video formats does Vilynx support?

Vilynx supports the vast majority of video formats in use today, but we do not support WMV in an Advanced System Format (ASF) container.

If you do find a video that gives us trouble, please let us know. Send report.

Can I embed summaries to my blog or website?

Yes. With Vilynx you can generate the code you need to embed summaries in your blog or website. The Vilynx player can be embedded with an inline frame HTML tag, while YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia are available in pop-out players.

Can I see how many people are watching my videos and which parts are most engaging?

Yes. Your Vilynx subscription also gives you access to detailed analytics for your videos. With Vilynx Analytics you can easily see how many viewers saw your video’s summary, which clips they visited when watching your video and information about their location down to the city level.

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